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Women Leaders Foster a Different Work Environment


women leadersThink about the bosses you have had throughout your career. Have you experienced women leaders as well as men? In the article No Males Were Harmed During the Writing of this Post, the author, Anne Alo, Creative Director, WE Comm, shares some specific differences in the work environment of a woman-led company versus that of her gender counterpart.

” I’ve found that working for intelligent and driven women motivates me to push harder.”

  • People are put first
  • Talents are recognized
  • Your drive is celebrated, not criticized
  • No mansplaining

Alo goes on to explain:

Bette Midler once said, “The worst part of success is trying to find someone who is happy for you.” And everyone’s familiar with the cliché that women tend to tear each other down instead of building each other up. Although this can sometimes be true, in my experience I’ve found that working for intelligent and driven women motivates me to push harder. My successes are celebrated, and the only competition I’ve come to expect is outside my agency doors. When someone gets a win—male or female—the kudos become infectious. It’s like a 24/7 ropes course, where we all support each other and don’t even have to do the dreaded “trust fall.”

Business Insider published an article awhile back recapping a survey that was done of 16,000 professionals who answered questions about their leaders. This chart shows the results of the gender breakdown in terms of which gender was a more effective leader:

The article delves into the reasons behind why women leaders outperform men:

What Causes the Difference

What do women do that creates this difference in leadership effectiveness? One of the clues for us came from talking with women about this research. When we ask them to explain why women were perceived as more effective, what we frequently heard was, “In order to get the same recognition and rewards, I need to do twice as much, never make a mistake and constantly demonstrate my competence.” (The shorter version of what we regularly heard from women was that “we must perform twice as well to be thought half as good.”)

That ties back into the first article that focuses on the importance of talents being recognized and successes being celebrated.

What Can We Learn About Women Leaders?

One of the clear messages about women leaders compared to their gender counterparts is the fact that women leaders appear to put the people first rather than the profits.

In both cases, men and women want the company to be successful and success is usually determined by sales and profitability. The difference comes in how the different genders lead their team to success.

Create a work environment that:

  • Welcomes diversity
  • Encourages ideas
  • Supports gender equality in every aspect of the job
  • Celebrates wins
  • Manages with empathy
  • Establishes opportunities for mentorship

These are all ways that women leaders work to create a successful company. What might your company do to help create this environment that supports and encourages diversity thought leadership?

JJ DiGeronimo JJ DiGeronimo, a speaker, author and thought-leader for Women in Tech and Girls and STEM, empowers professional women and consults with senior executives on strategies to retain and attract Women in Technology to increase thought and leadership diversity within organizations.

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