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Women in Tech: One Voice Can Make a Difference


make a difference, one voice, woman leading meetingChanging the scope of women in tech is a conversation more and more companies are having but often the distance we must travel to create a more equal and diverse community seems insurmountable. Yet, the reality is, it is within our power as one single voice to make a difference.

The new princess-to-be, Meghan Markle is the perfect example of how one person, one eleven year old girt, who saw discrimination and was offended by it, spoke up and changed the marketing campaign of one of the largest corporation in America; Proctor and Gamble.

The year was 1993 and Meghan saw an Ivory soap commercial that identified dirty dishes as “women’s work.” Encouraged by her family, she set about making a difference by writing to those she felt could help her change the messaging:

  • Then First Lady Hillary Clinton
  • Linda Ellerbee
  • Gloria Allred, attorney
  • President of Proctor and Gamble

Here is the interview from 1993 that brought Meghan into the public eye.

She heard back from each of the women leaders with encouraging letters and Linda Ellerbee, who was on Nick Kids news at the time, did a feature on Meghan and her campaign. Proctor and Gamble also responded and changed their messaging from “women” to “people.”

Imagine. One voice. One young woman who saw an injustice and took it upon herself to make a difference.

If we are going to change how men see women in the tech work space, we are going to have to stand up and speak our mind. We are going to have to work together to encourage each other like Clinton, Ellerbee and Allred did for Meghan.

We can’t hide in the shadows and hope someone else will step forward; we need to each take a step, raise our voices, lend a helping hand so that together we can make a difference and finally experience a corporate environment where women are viewed as equal contributors to the success of business.

Here is the recent UN speech that Meghan Markle delivered sharing her views on her experience.

JJ DiGeronimo JJ DiGeronimo, a speaker, author and thought-leader for Women in Tech and Girls and STEM, empowers professional women and consults with senior executives on strategies to retain and attract Women in Technology to increase thought and leadership diversity within organizations.

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