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Have you leaped to a new level at work, aligned to an effective career sponsor, landed a desired project, served on a board, or started a new initiative? Share your career strategies and insight while expanding your network on www.TechSavvyWomen.TV, a YouTube© Channel!

Over 50+ diverse women — from engineers to enterprenuers to executives — are already sharing their career nuggets on TechSavvyWomen.TV. Join us! 

The Go-To Video Series for Professional Women

The video interviews we host on Tech Savvy Women TV are short and sweet with the end goal of highlighting your wisdom, career strategies, and lessons learned.  

We’re excited to share that many of the women that have participated in our channel have been invited to industry events and programs. It’s an easy way to share your professional strategies with other career women!  

Grow your personal & professional brand

Expand your network & reach new audiences

Share your career strategies & insight

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much time does an interview take?

Our video interviews only take around 30 minutes from start to finish! We allocate 10 minutes for setup, 10 minutes for offline discussion, 5 minutes or the interview, and 5 minutes to wrap-up.  

Q: How are the videos produced?  

Using GoToMeeting, JJ will join you for a video discussion with 3-5 questions of your choosing. The discussion is recorded and edited by our team to create a 3-5 minutes video. With the editing done in-house, we can add logos, pictures, or even articles to the video and cut out any bloopers.

Q: Where will the final video interview be published and shared?  

All of our videos are published on the official Tech Savvy Women YouTube channel, TechSavvyWomen.TV, and will include your bio, a link to your website, and any other relevant pieces of information.

Q: Who conducts the interviews?

All Tech Savvy Women TV interviews are hosted by JJ DiGeronimo, the Founder and President of Tech Savvy Women. You can learn more about JJ here and here.  

Q: What video topics are you looking for?

Our main goal is for you to share your career milestones with our audience of professional women so that they can benefit from your lessons learned when it comes to professional advancement! The video topics that align best with our audience include the following: bias, bosses, career advancement, changing jobs, company culture, delegating, departures, diversity, failure, innovation, intrapreneurship, leadership, networking, pay gap, power, project assignments, promotion, recharge, re-entering the workforce, retention, role models self-depreciation, self-efficacy, and sponsors.  

Q: Are there Tech Savvy Women TV interviews I can watch?  

Absolutely! Head over to TechSavvyWomen.TV to check out our previous interviews, collaborations, and video series.

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