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Tech Savvy Woman: JJ DiGeronimo


I am a Tech Savvy Woman. However, I am also an author, business owner, speaker, wife, mother, and champion of women who are seeking to connect with their inner compass. We are all a layered, wonderful collection of titles that come together to equal our personal brand.

Meet JJ DiGeronimo, The President of Tech Savvy Women - GR8TR Today Magazine

One of those titles, for me, is a Tech Savvy Woman. In an effort to reach other women in the tech world, I founded Tech Savvy Women for the purpose of providing women in STEM fields a community of like-minded professionals experiencing some of the same challenges.

Recently, I had the opportunity to be interviewed by LynAnne Vucovich, a journalist who studied at the E.W. Scripps School of Journalism at Ohio University, for an article which has appeared in GR8TR Today Magazine.

I am so honored to be included in the magazine and have the opportunity to share some of the passion I have for women in business.

In the article, I share the purpose of Tech Savvy Women from its inception to where it continues to grow today:


The organization was originally meant to bring women together and have a strong network in Northeast Ohio but has evolved into a group of women, over 2,500 nationwide, which allows them to share ideas, network and connect.

“We’ve helped each other get jobs, references, and other opportunities,” DiGeronimo said. “It’s made the industry seem smaller because we have more people connected in more places.”

As the organization has evolved, DiGeronimo has written two award-winning books to help elevate women in the workplace. From this success, she has been asked to keynote locally and nationally to positively impact the field of technology. She speaks to women about advancing their professional objectives and speaks with tech organizations on how to cultivate male allies to promote diversity. “Diversity is business impact tool and companies are striving to not only get women at the table but have them as equal contributors,” DiGeronimo said. “This takes advancements on both sides.”

Throughout DiGeronimo’s work, she has shared strategies to elevate women into leadership positions while guiding them through common career challenges. Her second book, Accelerate Your Impact, has given readers a playbook to glide through some of the challenges women have faced in the past.

Accelerate Your Impact - Free Chapter Download 2 - http://bit.ly/TSWFreeChapters2

I invite you to check out the complete article, Meet JJ DiGeronimo, but also view other articles on the Today website. Some of the local businesswomen recently featured are Christine Zust and Jennifer Yaros.

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