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Jacquie Chakirelis from the Online Platform Institute and I talked recently about how women can boost their career. We talked about:

  • The different challenges men and women face in business
  • How opportunities for women change as you age
  • The benefits of producing your own content, including video
  • The importance of looking before you leap

Are you considering making a leap from your current position? I often don’t encourage women to leap right away. I encourage them to start their initiative off the side of the desk… Go into an existing nonprofit or an existing organization that could benefit from the program or product that you’re considering creating. Test it out before you leave your day job.

So before you leave your current job, consider the following – UP isn’t the only direction you can leap. In my book Accelerate Your Impact, I talk about the benefits and strategies to exploring lateral moves.

In a 2013 Forbes article titled “Sheryl Sandberg’s 5 Best ‘Lean In’ Tips For Women,” Kerry Hannon shares her favorite tips that she learned from Sandberg:

‘Visualize your career as a jungle gym, not a ladder.’
This is my favorite of Sandberg’s tips. (Maybe that’s
because when I was growing up, I loved playing on the
jungle gym in our backyard.) She attributes the analogy
to Fortune editor-at-large Patricia Sellers, who heads
up the magazine’s ‘Most Powerful Women’ franchise.
To me, it’s a great image of the 21st-century career
‘Ladders are limiting,’ Sandberg writes. ‘Jungle gyms offer
more creative exploration. There are many ways to get
to the top of a jungle gym. The ability to forge a unique
path with occasional dips, detours, and even dead ends
presents a better chance for fulfillment’

To listen to the podcast interview, click here: JJ DiGeronimo and Tips on How to Spur Your Startup into High Gear!