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Let Success Be Your Noise? Crystal Martin Says “No!”


For those who believe their work will speak for them, don’t expect to advance in your career. If you have worked under the misconception that if you keep your head down and do your work — even do your work better than everyone else that the higher-ups will notice and will reward your efforts, sadly, that is not the case.

Crystal Martin was the CoderGirl Program Director at LaunchCode and a Co-organizer of Strange Loop Conference. CoderGirl is an education program of LaunchCode designed to engage and educate women in the technology field in St. Louis making training and careers in tech easily accessible.

In a Tedx Talk to St Louis Women, Crystal Martin let us know that we have to speak up. We can’t just let our work speak for us because nobody is listening. We have to make sure that our skills, our impact, and our abilities are recognized by actually speaking up and bringing it to the attention of those in power.

Women vs Men in Tech

She asks the question: why do 41% of women in tech leave the industry after ten years versus 17% of men? Why? Well, if you were constantly disregarded, disrespected and overlooked for ten years, you might want to make a change as well.

Check out her wonderful presentation here:

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