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Keeping Tech Diversity in the News


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Tech diversity is in the news. A Google employee has recently been terminated for what was considered sexual discrimination. While the employee’s perspective on women in tech is disappointing, the fact that the conversation continues to be in the forefront of the news, is a good thing.

We need to keep the conversation going about tech diversity.

According to the article in the Guardian, James Damore was terminated for a manifesto he distributed:

The computer engineer fired by Google for suggesting women are less suited to certain roles in tech and leadership is considering taking legal action against the company.

James Damore, a chess master who studied at Harvard, Princeton and MIT and worked at the search engine’s Mountain View HQ in California, caused outrage when he circulated a manifesto at the weekend complaining about Google’s “ideological echo chamber” and claiming women have lower tolerance of stress and that conservatives are more conscientious.

While I don’t agree with his perspective, he continues to highlight the biases that do exist. It is one of the reasons why I wrote my latest book Accelerate Your Impact. I offer specific guidelines to help women in tech align with the right managers and sponsors to overcome cultures that don’t support women.
One of the statements Damore makes that I do agree with is that white men seem to get left out of the conversation unless called upon as a Mentor sponsor.  One more reason that tech diversity needs to be a regular, ongoing conversation across all departments and at all levels. Companies would be wise to offer unconscious bias training to assist men with a better understanding of the value that tech diversity can bring to a company.
While perhaps some may take offense at some of what Damore has put in his manifesto, I applaud the opportunity for continued discussions about the importance of tech diversity.  I believe it comes down to investing in people regardless of what they look like because it’s people that drive our businesses, provide customer service and build our teams.

JJ DiGeronimo JJ DiGeronimo, a speaker, author and thought-leader for Women in Tech and Girls and STEM, empowers professional women and consults with senior executives on strategies to retain and attract Women in Technology to increase thought and leadership diversity within organizations.

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