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The Formula for a Winning Value Statement


Whether you call it your introduction, elevator speech or value statement, coming up with a concise, impactful message to highlight your value can be a challenge.

In a recent Relevant Conversations podcast called Sharing Your Professional Value More Effectively, I walk listeners through the process of understanding how to craft a value statement that goes beyond your name, rank and serial number.

As you network, people are looking for keywords and phrases that will help them identify your value and how they might talk about you or recommend you to others. Just providing your company name and title offers little to no information. A “district manager” in your company may include a variety of skills, responsibilities, and accomplishments that another company wouldn’t. Therefore, just like your resume, your value statement needs to include measurable data that speaks to your ability to GET THINGS DONE.

The Formula for a Winning Value Statement - Tech Savvy Women

Three Parts to Your Value Statement

There are three components that make up a solid value statement:

  1. What measurable data points can you provide to show accomplishments?
  2. What value do you personally provide?
  3. Where do you plan to drive results next?

In other words: Accomplishments + Current Impact + Future Aspirations

Here’s the formula that I recommend you use when crafting your value statement:

value statement


“I help ______ advance _____ for/to ______.  I am looking to get involved in/with ______ and need help with ________.”


In this way, you offer those all-important keyword phrases that someone can glob onto and know immediately who they can introduce you to.

For example, let’s say you help companies advance their profits by providing a comprehensive technology solution to identifying opportunities for improvement. Someone who hears this and knows of a business leader looking for help with their technology infrastructure would know immediately to recommend your name for further discussion.

When you follow that statement up with your future aspirations, it helps hone in on the industry of potential connections. Say you are looking to get involved in using that technology process you specialize in to help franchise companies provide more profitable solutions to their franchisees. They will know to mention you to anyone they know in the franchising world that might need your services.

Still worried about not giving your name, rank and serial number? Trust me – once they hear of your accomplishments – they will be ASKING for your vitals. Start with the answer to “what you can do for me” and they’ll follow you anywhere.

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