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Employee Motivation Starts with Great Leadership


Great leadership can be hard to find in business today. There are managers that head up departments but there is a vast difference between management and great leadership.

In a recent article from Click Time, contributor Zac Emery shares his thoughts on “How Top Managers Motivate Their Employees at Work.”

How do you make sure that your company’s ability to achieve its vision isn’t being compromised by disengagement and demotivation in your workforce? Often, the biggest differences between a motivated employee and one who just shows up is within your power as a manager. You can make a huge impact in engagement, and in doing so, turn your workforce into an all-star team.

In his article, Zac delves into the following ideas that help managers provide great leadership:

  • Show Your Team the Big Picture
  • Recognition Matters (Even in Small Doses)
  • Open Up Lines of Communication to Motivate Employees
  • Allow Individuals to Shine
  • Lead by Example
  • Create Opportunities for Growth and Advancement

In his article Zac goes into more detail, offering suggestions for how to engage, motivate and empower employees to take a more active role in the organization.

Leadership is practiced not so much in words as in attitude and in actions. Harold S. Geneen

I recently had the opportunity to talk about what fierce feminine leadership looks like with Eleanor Beaton. Eleanor has helped hundreds of women become personally, professionally and financially empowered by teaching them the great leadership skills of 7-figure businesswomen. In fact, you can click here to download The 5 Critical Leadership Skills of 7-Figure Businesswomen Tip Sheet that Eleanor offers.

You can listen to the entire interview here. Great leaders inspire and motivate their team to great levels of success. I invite you to check out the Click Time article for more details.

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