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Diversity Leadership Begets Even More Diversity


diversity leadershipThe more diversity leadership you have, the more you will attract. As companies strive for more diversity leadership within their company, the clock is ticking to make it a reality. PwC’s Aoife Flood, lead author ‘Winning the fight for female talent‘ discusses the escalating demand for female talent and how organisations can approach gender inclusive recruitment in a recent video posted online.

Top female candidates who are seeking positions are first looking to see what the diversity leadership looks like before deciding to apply for a position. Companies seeking top candidates will need to closely examine their current levels of diversity so that they can be considered a great place to work among all of the top contenders.

The American Physiological Association addresses the need for corporations to increase diversity leadership within their organization.

Companies who have seen the greatest increase in leader diversity have typically had active, effective support from the top. Senior executives must create the message that diversity is encouraged, and actively reinforce the message at every opportunity. At the majority of companies with successful track records, the CEO is directly involved, either formally or informally, in promoting events, holding diversity reviews with senior executives and linking the diversity strategy to the overall business strategy (CLC, 2002).

The Wall Street Journal offers a few tips to help companies in their initiative to increase diversity leadership:


  • Develop a hiring strategy to make your workforce resemble the community you operate in.
  • Ask existing employees for referrals.
  • Talk to community organizations to help find candidates.
  • Provide diversity training in your workplace.

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