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Software Development Engineer, Caitlyn Holland, in Her STEM Career

Caitlyn Holland, a Software Development Engineer, has had an amazing STEM career. She works for a software company in the customer intelligence division. Through the work of Caitlyn and her team,...

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New Women in Leadership Roles Book: Her STEM Career

Looking for new women in leadership roles book for inspiration? Look no further than Her STEM Career: Adventures of 51 Remarkable Women. Examine One Leader's Journey Anna Cooks’ career as an...

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Business Group CIO, Karen M. Davis shares her Career Advice in New STEM Book for Girls

Looking for career advice? Look no further than this amazing interview.It is always informative when I sit down and speak with someone who has already carved out a fantastic career. My interview...

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100 Percent Isn’t Always What is Needed in the Workplace

Remember when we were in school and the goal was to receive a 100 percent on our homework or test scores? If we worked hard and did our best we were recognized with good grades, teacher praise,...

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Video Interview: Challenges Striving for Leadership Positions

What challenges do women face as they strive to secure leadership positions within their organization? I recently had the opportunity to talk with Miriam Grobman about this topic.Miriam is...

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IP & Technology Transfer Firm Expert, Laura Schoppe, President at Fuentek

Laura A. Schoppe is president of Fuentek, LLC, a consulting firm that provides intellectual property management and technology transfer services. A Registered Technology Transfer Professional (RTTP),...

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Professional Mindfulness: A Career Tool for Women in Tech & STEM with Laura J. Nigro

What is a professional mindfulness? The definition of mindfulness is: Mindfulness means maintaining a moment-by-moment awareness of our thoughts, feelings, bodily sensations, and surrounding...

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Laura Nigro Talks Mindfulness for the Women in STEM

"Mindfulness increases our brain's ability to change and adapt which is necessary for resilience," says Laura Nigro, MS. "It helps to boost our self-worth and self-efficacy."A strong and...

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Interview with Female Tech Leader: La’Shon Anthony

La’Shon Anthony is a tech leader; the owner of visuals4u, a consulting practice for small business owners & nonprofits. She is also the Community Leader of ABI.Chicago, the local chapter of the...

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How to Expand the Tech Clique to Welcome Women

It's no surprise that startup companies develop a tech clique among their workers. They created the idea, they worked long hours/days/months to bring the company to its current place. However, when...

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