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Does Following the Rules Hold Back Your Career Growth?

When seeking a new job or a promotion within your company or industry; how important is it that you meet all of the qualifications? You might be surprised to learn that the job qualifications are not...

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Perhaps We Need to Embrace Gender Differences

Should men and women be treated differently in business? Until recently, the progressive answer was “no – measure by quality and skills, not gender.” Yet, in a recent Harvard Business Review...

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Hedy Lamarr: Not Just a Pretty Face – a Tech Savvy Woman

Hedy Lamarr was a Hollywood legend and Monday would have been her 101st birthday. You may have noticed a Google Doodle dedicated to her memory and wondered why this starlet would garner just...

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Dr Melanie Polkosky Offers Advice for Women in Tech

I recently had the opportunity to interview and learn more about Dr. Melanie Polkosky and her views and recommendations for helping women survive and thrive in the technology industry.I...

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Meet the Jawaharlal Sisters of STEM Centers USA

Are you a fan of the television show Shark Tank? It is fascinating to listen to the pitches, learn about the new product ideas and then evaluate the inventor's answers to the Shark's questions. Often...

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Are You Ready to Put Your Name in the Hat?

We can talk all day about the need and importance of a diverse team but if those who are diverse (gender, ethnicity, race, religion), don't step up to participate in leadership positions, it defeats...

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Participate in #MillionWMentors to Mentor Women in Technology

As we rise in our careers, it isn't a solo journey; there are often people who reach out to lend a hand. Those mentors who have encouraged us and helped open doors are part of the story of our...

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The Art of Successful Negotiation for Women in Technology

In a recent article for Lenny, an online newsletter from the genius behind Girls, Lena Dunham, box-office sensation Jennifer Lawrence admitted her struggles with salary negotiation. But if I’m...

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Rethink What Matters – Utilize Innovative Thinking

Innovative thinking is one of the ways we will increase the number of women in STEM fields. We need to break through traditional thinking and consider a different perspective. Innovative...

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Interested in Building a Diverse Team?

Why build a diverse team? For those company leaders interested in enhancing their company's culture to embrace diversity for business benefits, here are some results and resources to help define,...

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