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Take Time to Reflect On Your Successes

When was the last time you took to reflect on your successes? At the end of the year (quarter or even month) you should take time to review what you have accomplished and take a moment to bask in...

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Feeling Underestimated at Work? It’s Time to Leap

Feeling underestimated at work is the biggest challenge for women in tech. According to a Paychex survey, we learn that the feeling of being underestimated is also the reason many women decide to...

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The One Thing Women in Business Need to Succeed

Clearly, to be successful, women in business require more than just one thing. Women need to have skills and knowledge, be driven, passionate, creative, collaborative, strategic and often must have...

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MeToo Movement One Year Later

Women and men around the globe jumped on the #MeToo movement at the end of 2017. People who had experienced harassment, prejudice and bias raised their voices to say "enough."Perhaps the...

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Lead From Where You Are Now

Even if your work title doesn't include "manager" you can still be a leader. Great leaders are leaders everywhere.Recently my daughter created and led a group of girls which made me think of Abby...

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I Want Girls to Raise Their Hand

Women need to raise their hand. To have an impact on business, you have to have a voice. To have a voice, you have to be visible and being visible is a habit that needs to start at a young...

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Restoring Confidence with Women in Tech

When we first emerge from college, we are ready to take on the world. Stats show that women in tech entering their career life have confidence they will advance and grow within the company. However,...

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Women in Tech: Be Visible

One way to increase the number of women in tech is to be visible. If they don't know you are there, if they don't know your abilities, if they don't know what you bring to the table; how can we...

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The Power of Inclusive Leadership

What is inclusive leadership? Is it something that management can develop? Is it a corporate culture?In recent years the advancement of Millennials into leadership positions has brought about a...

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Female Role Models in Tech Attract More Diverse Talent

Does your company have female role models?One of the challenges to developing businesses with more levels of diverse talent is based on the talent you have today and where they sit in the...

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