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Restoring Confidence with Women in Tech

When we first emerge from college, we are ready to take on the world. Stats show that women in tech entering their career life have confidence they will advance and grow within the company. However,...

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Women in Tech: Be Visible

One way to increase the number of women in tech is to be visible. If they don't know you are there, if they don't know your abilities, if they don't know what you bring to the table; how can we...

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The Power of Inclusive Leadership

What is inclusive leadership? Is it something that management can develop? Is it a corporate culture?In recent years the advancement of Millennials into leadership positions has brought about a...

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Female Role Models in Tech Attract More Diverse Talent

Does your company have female role models?One of the challenges to developing businesses with more levels of diverse talent is based on the talent you have today and where they sit in the...

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Communication: Is What Men Say More Important?

The debate on gender communication is as old as time. But is what men say more important than what women say? Men Say... John Gray, Ph.D. first brought the differences to our attention in his...

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Key Focus for Career Advancement

Are you ready for career advancement but struggle with how to get there or even what it looks like? As I have advanced in my own career the one thing I have learned is that you need a plan - a key...

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Managing Productivity in a Non-Productive Environment

Do you struggle with managing productivity at work? There are a variety of reasons why women in business find managing productivity a challenge and often it starts with the manager and/or the culture...

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How to Turn NO Into Not Yet

That "no" that you just heard, could really be a "not yet." Being turned down for a promotion could just mean that you aren't quite ready. In fact, I am proof that a "no" response today, can be...

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“Computing Is Too Important to be Left to Men” ~ A Professor States

"Computing is too important to be left to men," said Karen Sparck Jones, a professor at Cambridge. How profound.Sometimes when looking for inspiration in our career the best thing to do is look...

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Interview Questions that Reveal Company Culture

Interview questions reveal a lot about a company's culture. How can you know if a company you are interviewing with has the right culture fit for you?I was recently asked if there were any...

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