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Are You Waiting to be Perfect?


perfect, go for it, trust in yourselfPerfection isn’t all it is cracked up to be. When applying for a job, do you wait until you are a perfect match before submitting your name for consideration?

When you think about where you are in your career, where do you fall within the spectrum of the requirements? Are you within the range of possibilities or are you waiting until you are a 100% match?

“In a study done by Hewlett-Packard, it was found that women applied for a promotion only when they met 100% of the qualifications; men applied when they met 60%.”

Think about your last role, promotion or board seat. Where did you fall in the qualified spectrum?

In 2013 Gayle Allen, who is an entrepreneur with a passion for connecting people to innovative ideas that improve their lives, wrote an article entitled 80% and Go which presents the idea that you get close to perfect and then pull the trigger.

That can be used in the following ways:

  • Meet 80% of the qualifications of a position and apply
  • Get your new website or resume 80% of the way there and post it
  • Learn 80% of a new skill before starting to offer your services

The idea is that you can go back and modify or continue learning as you go. But if you wait until you are 100% there or perfect – you will always find some reason to wait or hold off and run the risk of missing the opportunity altogether.

Here is what Gayle has to say on the subject:

80% and go: lose the desire to be perfect. If you can get to perfect the first time, you’re probably not dreaming big enough. Give it 80%, get it out there, and get ready for feedback. It’s coming. It’s okay. Use it. Learn from it. That’s how you’ll get to 100%.

I talk further about this in my Tech Savvy Women video – check it out below:

 One reason is that they are actually afraid they might succeed:

They’re scared that they’ll actually achieve more success.

Women hold themselves back from growth in so many ways.  From distracting themselves with meaningless activities, doing too much for others (the perfectionist, overfunctioning behavior I see so often), refusing to slow down and truly feel their emotions, to worrying that they’ll grow too busy for family if they invest in their own growth, they sabotage their development.  I see so many women backing away from being all they can be in the world (and all they say they long to be), because of their fears and anxieties about what success will demand of them when they do grow and play bigger in the world.

You don’t have to be perfect. The reality is, no one is perfect. All you can be is the best you are capable of at your assignments and be willing to continually learn more. Rather than hold off applying for the job, board or project because you are not yet a perfect match – why not invest in yourself and trust in your abilities and go for it!