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Maximize Your Leadership Potential

  In a 2017 Harvard Business Review report, yet another way men and women are evaluated differently is uncovered: After examining their database of 2,800 executive evaluations...

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Business Trend: Women in Leadership

We've made it! Women in leadership roles are being recognized as one of the top business trends for 2019 and beyond. It is about time! From the Inc. Magazine article, The 5 Biggest Leadership...

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New Women in Leadership Roles Book: Her STEM Career

Looking for new women in leadership roles book for inspiration? Look no further than Her STEM Career: Adventures of 51 Remarkable Women. Examine One Leader's Journey Anna Cooks’ career as an...

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The Power of Inclusive Leadership

What is inclusive leadership? Is it something that management can develop? Is it a corporate culture? In recent years the advancement of Millennials into leadership positions has brought about a...

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Women in Leadership Ask Tough Questions

If you desire to take your career to the next level, it might be time to examine two key areas: Where are you are focusing your energy now, and Where do you hope to make an impact...

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What’s the Most Powerful Leadership Question?

As a leader, you know your team. One of the ways you stay on top of performance is by asking the tough leadership question. But what is that question and is there just one? Do you have a favorite...

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Video Interview: Challenges Striving for Leadership Positions

What challenges do women face as they strive to secure leadership positions within their organization? I recently had the opportunity to talk with Miriam Grobman about this topic. Miriam is...

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Employee Motivation Starts with Great Leadership

Great leadership can be hard to find in business today. There are managers that head up departments but there is a vast difference between management and great leadership. In a recent article from...

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3 Leadership Challenges You Can Control

There are a number of leadership challenges that women in tech (frankly all women in business) face. In fact, the Forbes article 15 Biggest Challenges Women Leaders Face lists, well, 15 of them....

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Re-examining Leadership Development May Help Women in Tech

When you think of leadership development, what comes to mind? Identifying key individuals on your team who are ready for leadership positions? Or do you focus on what key leaders can do for the...

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