“An amazing TSW event, so glad I attended!! I look forward to the next one!” -- Lisa Elder

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What is Tech Savvy Women?
TSW is a professional gateway for experience women in technology and related careers.

Tech Savvy Women (TSW) is a unique professional network and organization for career women in technology careers and related roles within technology based companies.  Many Tech Savvy Women have over 15 years of professional experience. Started in 2008 by JJ DiGeronimo on LinkedIn, TSW is now a national organization of professional women that are Technology focused across various industries and disciplines together to develop relationships, discuss industry trends, and influence the broader conversation of Women in STEM careers.

TSW has fostered relevant conversations, connections, placements and corporate events for over seven years.  Many of these activities have parlayed into retaining, recruiting and advancing women within tech based companies. Related conversation including events, careers and jobs in occurs within our LinkedIn Group – Tech Savvy Women and Facebook Fan Page Tech Savvy Women.

Tech Savvy Women LLC is proud to be part of the solution that helps organizations, executives and teams attract and retain women in Tech and related roles.